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Eight Years of Dedication and Accumu雨月lation, Achievement of Globali木事zation for Chinese Enterprises

Founded in 2014, WEZO is a 子唱digital marketing co公得mpany dedicated to provi為喝ding global marketing services f放視or Chinese enterprises. WE農友ZO has been working on overseas marke會吃ting services for 8 years, s化西upporting 20,000+ companies wit又歌h 30,000+ products and朋嗎 achieving an average annua熱低l management budget of習家 1 billion+ USD.

WEZO has obtained the off小農icial core agency certification of Go車說ogle, Meta, TikTok, an內錯d other global head media, developed 20綠能0+ resources of various main子花stream media such as sea上可rching, social media,靜上 video, and DSP in 210+ countries an村煙d regions, and offered one-stop integ水是rated marketing services for business讀電es looking to expand globally老間 in the areas of games, apps, cross-bo相大rder e-commerce, and brandin飛爸g.

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