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What is the Path of Expandi請愛ng Global Game Markets?

  • Product Positioning
    Determine the game types based on the 少店experience of current product明煙s.
  • Overseas Research
    Find the target market, analyze 花作the market scale and audience sat計通uration, and forecast the靜錯 game’s Life Time Value (LTV) curv又黑e for the target market.
  • Product Optimization
    Adjust the game content based 那著on the market because店呢 players in different cultural民銀 backgrounds have different needs for t體我he same game.
  • Marketing Promotion
    Increase the reputation o飛資f the game through mu很兒lti-channel promotion and loca鄉為l marketing activities.
Overseas Operation
  • Data Analysis
    Collect Ad placement data from eac民外h channel and summarize the c金秒ost and ROI of each channel.
  • Operation Optimization
    Conduct operation activiti北女es to regain lost pla子農yers.

We Help You Solve

Industry Pain Points Faced by Games E技上xpanding Global Mark長書ets

Incomplete Knowledge of Global Marketi站金ng

What kind of product project ca空睡n be chosen? Which regio妹他n of the global markets can be posi喝資tioned? How localized ma匠書rketing and promotion can be carrie很廠d out? Continued investment and lengthe她市ned periods confuse expanding global ma這外rkets.

Lack of Localized Creative說冷 Promotion Support

In overseas markets, products may “子商not adapt to the local”, and differen市少t economic and cultural backgrounds mak女兵e it impossible to export promot坐和ion ideas that attract local users, le國我ading to a low Ad placement effici志筆ency and endless wait fo樹快r cost recovery.

Challenges in Global M身樹edia Procurement

The overseas media mar老歌ket is vast and diverse, and the me她做dia are difficult to locate, inte少輛grate, apply, analyze, and monitor視厭, making manufacturers feel anxious.

What Can WEZO Help You wit水國h?
One-Stop Global Service Solution from 0亮錢 to 1

Customized Global Marketing Solution輛湖s

We provide in-depth i我慢nsight and comprehensive res錯自earch of the game market, help分玩 clients find the right bran見學d positioning and localiza做月tion strategy based on the cha小拿racteristics of game users,得員 target audience, region to place the 爸通Ad, and other data, refine the風去 selling points, and provide effect銀錯ive marketing solutions.

Diversified Digital Adve在兵rtising Creative Ideas

We provide rich digital adve都友rtising materials, video production 術科services, and massive作城 creative experience to expand cr老草eative direction, dynamically track the內地 performance of materials, and reduce t他笑rial and error costs.

Intelligent Ad Placement也問 Management

Our distinctive ADAM placement technol友藍ogy can develop data aggregation an機事d advertisement management solut器員ions for clients, lower lab員家or costs, significantly boost Ad 員件placement management玩子 efficiency and ROI, comprehensively i著看nvestigate placement data, increase re讀農ach efficiency, and speed 舞村up the globalization of games制舞.

Cooperation Cases

ACGN MMO Legend of Clou老小d
  1. Customer Need:
  2. Legend of Cloud is a Massive Multipla少姐yer Online (MMO) game of t習拿he immortal world. It is a trad電服itional hardcore Role-P但近laying Game (RPG). The 麗下user portraits reflect t小舊hat users are mainly males aged 25+. We玩一 had previous promotion exper拍頻ience on Facebook and 森動other channels and require to exp數們lore new group expansi到城on in TikTok.
  1. Solution Strategies:
  2. The product's features and gamep鐵河lay are relatively conventi拍微onal, with highlights including木這 Chen Yihan's endors兒電ement, a large number of awards, 木輛and a quick upgrade. As a result, the m廠舞aterials for the test include快森 a fast upgrade display, oral broadcas現學t by entering gift code, career disp近從lay, upgrade the display of ea通站ch cultivation eleme畫得nt, gangwar system, and冷村 marriage and childbirth syst舞民em for Ad placement.媽廠
miHoYo ACGN Mobile Game Gen區說shin Impact
  1. Ad Placement Regions:
  2. USA, UK, Canada, Korea,購輛 Taiwan (China)
  1. Ad Placement Strategies:
  2. Test in phases and analyze ad家坐vertising strategies.
  3. Design multiple mater麗裡ials in phases and conduct tests.
  4. Use the game's famous char這習acters in promotional videos to get pop坐影ularity.
Casual Mobile Game Bangbang Ra村靜bbit
  1. Project Difficulties:
  2. Material creativity: The customer 農照has high requirements for ma媽哥terial visual effects and technologi體你es.
  3. CPI and ROI requirements are higher湖從 than the average in the ma物線rket year on year.
  4. It is required that we strictly contr都刀ol the cost per customer transact話匠ion by buying traffic in larg黑日e quantities under the premi小路se that the KPI has been achieved舞議.
  1. Ad Placement Summaries:
  2. The unit price in the CPI and ROI plac子可ement cycle can meet the client學土's requirements.
  3. Material creativity: self術離-written script + design 木照achievement.
  4. Material production was approved by t關時he client.
  5. Daily consumption of peak volume re藍知ached 30,000 USD.
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